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Situated next to Downhills Park, the playgroup occupies a purpose built ground floor premises, offering excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.

Formed in 1973 the playgroup has continued to offer quality preschool education for 2 - 4 year olds.


Run by a highly motivated dedicated staff and managed by a parent committee the playgroup has established itself as a much sought after setting.


We are Ofsted Registered, a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and a Registered Charity.


We aim to provide a fulfilling and stimulating environment both indoors and out, to encourage children's learning and promote their all round development. We value the rich variety of cultures that our children represent and we aim to promote positive images of different ethnic groups and of both genders through toys, books, posers, food, cultural festivals, etc.

What we offer:

  • Quality preschool care and education for children aged between 2  and 4 years of age.
  • We are registered to have a maximum of 24 children per session, with no more than 8 of those children being under 3 years of age.
  • Our ratios are: 1 adult to every 4 children under 3 years of age & 1 adult to every 8 children over 3 years of age.
  • We are open Monday - Friday up to 39 weeks of the year.

          Morning Sessions 9 - 12pm

          Morning Session & Lunch 9 - 1pm

          Afternoon Sessions 1 - 4pm

          Lunch & Afternoon Session 12 - 4pm

          Full Day Sessions 9 - 4pm (Lunch from 12 - 1pm)


         Lunch Sessions: Parent provides a ready to eat packed lunch.

         We have a maximum of 20 lunch places.

  • We are closed during normal school holidays.


Maplink and Ofsted report: www.ofsted.gov.uk/oxcare_providers/full/(urn)/12496781

Charity Commission

Registered Charity No. 1032801


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