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Situated next to Downhills Park, the playgroup occupies a purpose built ground floor premises, offering excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.

Formed in 1973 the playgroup has continued to offer quality preschool education for 2 - 4 year olds.


Run by a highly motivated dedicated staff and managed by a parent committee the playgroup has established itself as a much sought after setting.


We are Ofsted Registered, a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and a Registered Charity.


We aim to provide a fulfilling and stimulating environment both indoors and out, to encourage children's learning and promote their all round development. We value the rich variety of cultures that our children represent and we aim to promote positive images of different ethnic groups and of both genders through toys, books, posers, food, cultural festivals, etc.

What we offer:




From the moment the children enter the playroom they have a sense of belonging. Every child has a coat peg with their name and a place for their personal belongings. A wall display groups the children's photo's with that of their Keyperson.

Small World -  is an important aspect of children’s play, aiding many areas of development. Imaginative skills are supported allowing the child to express thoughts and experiences into their play, whilst exploring the world in which they live. Small world also offers the opportunity for children to build on their language skills, expanding their vocabulary and their understanding. This type of play not only supports a range of areas for development, but also benefits the child’s independent play skills.


Children use their own experiences of the world to build on their imaginative skills. Small world play offers the opportunity for children to act out these experiences in a controlled way. Small world environments allow children to act out daily routines or past events such as putting a doll to bed or driving a car, however it also allows them to experiment with fantasy play and incorporate their own ideas








Block Play -  Through block play children are free to follow their own ideas as they embark on a voyage of discovery or share in the development of their friends’ creations.

 Children are able to express themselves through their play, creations and discoveries, a form of communication that’s particularly valuable for bilingual or non-verbal children.

 Blocks offer a great platform to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. 






Art & Junk Modelling Area - While self-expression and creativity are a significant aspect of painting, collage and junk modelling, there are many other benefits for children.

Making something, discovering something new and choosing resources can help children develop feelings of competence and so contribute to their confidence. Children also have a sense of achievement and even joy if they are satisfied with a finished article.







Home Corner - Pretend play is very important for children's development and learning. In the home corner children can take on and try out roles from familiar family scenes, experiences and imaginative fantasies.




Dressing-Up & Role Play - Children love to dress-up so they can develop their imaginative ideas through open-ended role play. They imitate the people around them and enjoy recreating scenes from their everyday life. Role play feeds the imagination, builds confidence and provides creative contexts for social communication. Children can identify with the characters they come across and also explore how to engage in story and drama.





Book/Reading Area - Children enjoy cuddling up, looking at books and listening to stories.

Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech,  as well as being something they really enjoy.





Children's Bathroom - A fully equipped toilet area giving independence to those child who are toilet trained along with potties and a changing table for those training or still in nappies.


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